Lowis Asa Low Read-a-Thon
all day

Asa Low Intermediate School is all about reading right now. Hopefully your child told you about our campus read-a-thon, which officially begins January 13. All  students are encouraged to participate. We are focusing on developing good reading habits while also raising money for our campus. What can you do? 

  • Encourage your child to read each day and record daily reading minutes on their reading page. 
  • Get to the student’s reading page 
    • Choose the language arts teacher’s name. 
    • Skip the blank for ‘Reader’s Name’ and enter the email the student used to sign up for the page. 
  • You can also help us by sponsoring your child with a donation to our read-a-thon campus fundraiser and sharing the information with family and friends so that they can do the same. All donations are made online, using your child’s read-a-thon page. 

Our read-a-thon ends on January 25.