5th Grade Camp Lakeview Packing List, Chaperone Information and Q&A Sessionss

Parents and guardians,

We are going to have 2 question and answer sessions for camp. No information will be presented at this meeting, it will strictly be for questions and answers. I will hold one on Monday morning from 8:45-9:15 and one on Tuesday evening from 6:15-6:45. The meetings will both be on Teams and the links are below. You can come and go or stay the whole time to hear all the questions.

Below is some general information and some Chaperone information.

Here is some general information:

  • When does my team go to camp?
    • Vanderbilt – 10/20-10/21
    • Tulane – 11/7-11/8
    • Columbia – 11/9-11/10
  • If I am a chaperone, can I drive my own child to camp?
    • No. All kids must take the bus to camp; however, you are able to drive your child home from camp.

•              Can I take my student home in my car after the campfire?

    • Yes! You will need to check them out with Mrs. Gilliland
  • How do I send medication with my student?
    • Fill out the medication form that was in the packet and have your child bring that and the medication in the original bottle(s) in a Ziploc bag the morning you leave

•              What does my child bring to camp?

  • Sleeping bag or sheet and blanket, pillow
    • Clothes to sleep in and clothes to wear the second day with an extra pair of socks and an extra set of clothes.
    • Do not send “good clothes”. They will get dirty. Clothes need to be in dress code. Closed toed shoes.
    • Flip flops for the shower, towel and toiletries
    • Small backpack
    • Refillable water bottle…just a cheap plastic one “in case” it doesn’t return 😊
    • Bug Spray (optional)
    • Suntan Lotion (optional)
    • Hat (optional)
    • Disposable Camera (optional)
    • Jacket (optional)
    • Rain gear (optional)
    • Flashlight
  • Can my student bring their cell phone?
    • No. If you want to talk to your child at night, they will be allowed to use either a teacher’s cell phone or their chaperone’s cell phone.
  • Where is the camp located?
    • Lakeview Camp and Retreat Center
    • 5128 FM 66, Waxahachie, TX 75167
    • 287 South, 16.5 miles
    • Take I-35E S, about 1.5 miles
    • Take Exit 399A to FM 66, turn right, about 7 miles
    • Lakeview Camp will be on your right


Chaperone Information:

  • First of all…Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!…without all of you, camp would not be possible!
  • Please arrive at school no later than 8:30. Check in at the front office and get a visitors badge. After that, you will report to the cafeteria to meet your group and get final instructions
  • If you have a big enough car and are willing to take some luggage in your vehicle, the kids will load it in your car that morning after instructions.  If not, they will take the luggage on their bus with them
  • We will get parking instructions when we arrive at camp. If you took luggage with you, make the kids unload it! It is not your responsibility.
  • Once your car is parked, it will stay parked until we leave on the last day.
  • You will be responsible for hopefully no more than 10 students.  You must be with them all the time. Please do not leave them. You will walk them to all activities and meals. You are welcome to participate in the activities, just don’t give out any answers…let them come up with solutions.
  • You will receive a schedule and map once we arrive at camp.
  • You are not allowed to give any medication to students UNLESS they are your own child. All other medications will be given by teachers.
  • You will be assigned a cabin when we arrive at camp.
  • No smoking/drinking allowed at camp
  • If you need to take a phone call that is fine, just step away from the group and let one of the other chaperones know you are stepping away.
  • There is a private bathroom for chaperones in the cabins.
  • If you want to bring bandanas to help keep track of your students, you can. That is completely optional.
  • If you want to bring snacks for your whole group, that is fine as well, just no peanuts. Again, that is optional.

Monday Morning Meeting Link

Tuesday Evening Meeting Link


Please let me know if you have questions.

Lynn Cannaday - 5th Grade Camp Coordinator