Added Security At Asa Low

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to providing a safe learning environment in the Mansfield Independent School District. The Mansfield ISD would like to share with you the most recent integration to our Safety Procedures that is being shared to parents/guardians, students, staff, volunteers, and the community. Through ongoing discussions and security process reviews with our district leadership team, the Mansfield ISD Police Department, and our School Safety Committee, we have installed an additional layer of security to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and visitors at all of our schools.

Beginning April 8, we will be locking the front doors at Asa E. Low Jr Intermediate School during the day as an additional layer of security. We have a video doorbell (AIPHONE) that will be utilized when the front doors are locked. The AIPHONE intercom systems are an enhancement to the existing visitor screening procedures (RAPTOR), which are currently in place.

To that end, please be aware of the following information:

Guests arriving on campus will request access using the AIPHONE Intercom System next to the school’s main entry door by pressing the button on the AIPHONE.

When the front office staff answers, visitors will be asked for their name and the reason for their visit, which may include their child’s name.

Visitors may be asked to display photo identification to the camera. Acceptable identification includes; Driver’s License, ID Card, Passport, Government paperwork with photo, Birth certificate with photo ID, Student ID, or Military ID.

Office staff may ask visitors to remove sunglasses, hats or any objects they may be obscuring their view of identifying individuals on the camera.

Once approved and granted access, our visitors will again present photo identification and will receive a visitor’s pass using the existing visitor screening system (RAPTOR).

As you enter the school’s main entrance, we ask that you do not hold the door open allowing others not granted access to enter with you. All visitors need to be approved and granted access by the office staff prior to entering the building.

When scheduled school events are occurring on campus, the campus Principal may adopt supplemental procedures to assist with visitor attendance.

Again, our goal is to add another layer of security at Asa E. Low Jr Intermediate School during school hours. Thank you for your understanding.