Middle of the Year MAP Testing

Middle of the Year (MOY) MAP Testing

Parents, we are about to participate in the next round of MAP Testing. The MOY MAP Testing will not only tell us if students are performing at or above grade level, but it will also show us how much they have grown since they took the Beginning of the Year MAP Tests.

Parents, it is so important that we have 100% of our students come to school and take these MAP Tests. We need to get a performance measure for each child so that we can accurately see their growth. Please review the dates and make sure that your child is able to attend on those days (unless of course, they are sick...what I'm asking is that you not schedule doctor's appointments or vacations during the next two weeks). Our students MUST either take the screener on the assigned days or one of the make-up days or we will not be able to get their score included in our data from NWEA.

The NWEA MAP Test (Measures of Academic Progress) is an adaptive achievement and growth test. It creates a personalized assessment experience by adapting to each student's learning level—precisely measuring progress and growth for each individual student.

The purpose of the MAP Tests include:

  • Identify what concepts and skills a student is ready to learn next

  • Measure growth over time

  • Help identify students for intervention

  • Adaptive

For more information about MAP Testing,  watch this five minute video.