Middle of the Year MAP Testing Information

Middle of the Year MAP Tests are This Week!

This week our students will take the Middle of the Year MAP tests! We need every single student to take all three MAP tests this week, so attendance is extremely important.

Students will take:

  • the Math MAP test on Monday, January 23
  • the Reading MAP test on Tuesday, January 24
  • the Science MAP test on Wednesday, January 25

We will have Thursday and Friday to conduct make up MAP Tests for students who miss school on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, but it is better if they can be here when we take the tests on the day scheduled. If they were out two or more days, students end up taking more than one MAP test in a day, and that is a difficult task.

Please make sure students bring their Chromebooks charged and bring their charger to school those three days.

Please have a conversation about taking the MAP Tests seriously and doing their best on the assessment