Panther Prowl Shirts 2020

Panther Prowl Shirts are in! They will be given to the team and they will give to the students next week!

****I made a mistake in the order. With receiving some orders before the March shutdown and some over the shutdown, I missed some orders. If your child does not receive one and you think you ordered one, please send Lynn Cannaday an email telling her what your child's name is and what size you ordered and I will get one ordered with the second order at the end of September. I am truly sorry for this!***

If you are on Team Tulane, you will need to come by the school to pick them up. They will be in the front vestibule on the table with the student name on them. Ring the doorbell and show your ID to the camera and the tell the person who answers that you are picking up a shirt. Just make sure you sign the sheet on the table letting me know you picked it up.


If you did not get to order one, you still can. All orders will be taken online through Ticket Tracker. They are $10.00 plus a small fee that Ticket Tracker charges. They will be on sale through 9/30/2020 and then I will place the order. Once the second order comes in, I will get them delivered to your child's team.

***If you your child is on Team Tulane, you can still order a shirt, however you will have to come to the school to pick it up.***

The shirt is the soft Bella material and look like the picture below.

Panther Prowl Shirt